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Begins June 10, 2024
               Ends July 31, 2024

Contact: joye.neff@gmail.com

Joye Neff



A CHALLENGE has been Made!
(Starting 6/11/24)


And it has been MET!!! (6/21/24)

With a great flurry of activity in the last few days, the Bernese Mountain Dog community came through with flying colors!
Not only did we raise $5,000 in ten days for the 2024 Berner-Garde Fundraiser,
but we were able to meet the challenge from Robin and Gene Hamme and they are donating $5,000 to our fundraiser.
Thank you, Robin and Gene!!


In ten days, we raised $13,165 crushing the Challenge!!


Thank you to the many donors who helped us get the 2024 Berner-Garde Fundraiser off to an AMAZING start.


Our goal for the fundraiser is to raise $25,000.
The money we raise will pay the postage to mail approximately 250 frozen histio samples to the researchers in France for their research study of histio.


If you would like to help us hit our goal of raising $25,000, you can still make a donation via PayPal. 
Please type: "2024 Berner-Garde Fundraiser" where it says "Enter dedication or in memory of here."  Here is the link!



Or you can make a check payable to Berner-Garde Foundation and mail it to me at:  Joye Neff, 108 Minnock Drive, Mars, PA 16046.



Berner-Lovers are the most bestest people!!


Joye Neff

Click Here for: How to make your Donation

Click on a TIER or Batch "Bone" below to see the gifts, their number and descriptions below each picture
(or see the complete set of Thumbnail pictures at the bottom of this page)

Tier 1
Tier 2

Tier 3
Batch 1
Batch 2
Batch 3
Batch 4
Batch 5
Batch 6
Batch 7
Batch 8

BG New Logo

"It's back!!!    The annual Berner-Garde Foundation Gift Bonanza organized by Joye Neff! This is the Main Page for the Gift Bonanza and will be updated as necessary with important information such as the progress of this event, the lucky gift winners, etc. You can click on the buttons (Bones) above for more information, and to see all of the gift items (Tier 1, Tier 2, Batch 1, Batch 2, etc.).

The BGF Board of Trustees looks forward to this event every year! The organization is run entirely by volunteers. Without the generous support of donors like you we could not continue our work. And to Joye Neff, the Berner world is blessed to have such a friend. Please donate to this Gift Bonanza...for the Love of a Berner.

President, BGF

LJ Pic

Please click on the photo above on the right for an important message from Lori Jodar about current projects to upgrade the BG database application framework and to continue the DNA Repository and expand tissue collection - especially histiocytic sarcoma - that is being used for research.

             patlong image
A Message From Pat Long
I know Joye gives these tickets away, but she gives them away when she’s happy, too! What makes her happy? When people donate to Berner charities, or donate to Berner charities to thank other people for their hard work. It makes her happy when Berners benefit from our generosity, and Joye must be about the happiest person I know – because no one is as generous as the Bernese Mountain Dog community!

I was the Berner-Garde File Manager for 12 years, and I know how much of a labor of love it is for so many of you. Making updates that were terribly painful, as well as many that were joyful and exciting, are greatly appreciated. Thanks to each and every one of you for adding your dogs to a legacy that helps the future of the breed! YOU help to make this open database unique among all breeds. Thank you one and all!

And for those of you who participate in the BMD DNA Repository – thank you! And for those of you who have donated tumor tissue, words are not enough – but thank you for making the effort during the worst possible time.

Hug your dogs and tell them I think they are so very lucky to have the most special owners!


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Berner News Network

To support the Berner-Garde Foundation (BGF), which operates the incredible open, online health and pedigree database for Bernese Mountain Dogs all over the world.  There is no charge to enter data in this database.  There is no charge to access this database for information. Check out the website and submit details of your Berners!  www.bernergarde.org


We have assembled many lovely Berner items to give to those who have Berners in their lives or who wish they had a Berner in their life.


·     Tickets to win these wonderful Berner items are FREE and easy to obtain!


·     Just send an e-mail to Joye Neff at joye.neff@gmail.com and ask her for 10 FREE TIER 1 tickets, 10 FREE TIER 2 tickets and 100 FREE tickets for Batches 1 through 8.


·     Tell Joye how to distribute your FREE tickets among the many prizes. That way you can try to win prizes that you really want.



FOR EXAMPLE: "Joye, please place my 10 FREE Tier One tickets into #A. Place my 10 FREE Tier Two tickets as:  5 into 2-A, 3 into 2-C and 2 into 2-D. Please place my 100 Tier Three tickets as: Batch 1  through 8 tickets as follows:  20 in #7, 10 in #15, 30 in #47, 10 in #55, and 30 in #88. That's it! Just ask for tickets and tell Joye how to distribute them for you.


  • Please remember that all contributions to Berner-Garde are much appreciated.



1. For ONLINE Donations:
Go to the Berner-Garde PayPal Donation site and make your donation ~ Please type in: "2024 Berner-Garde Fundraiser" where it says "Enter dedication or in memory of here."
Here is the link!



2. For Checks or Cheques:
Mail your check payable to: Berner-Garde Foundation
If you are mailing a check from another country, make the check payable to: Joye M. Neff
(My bank does not charge me a fee for converting foreign cheques to US dollars, so Berner-Garde will get the entire amount of your donation)

Mail your check/cheque to me at:

Joye Neff
108 Minnock Drive
Mars, PA 16046-1308

Help support Berner-Garde Foundation by donating and sharing the information about the Berner-Garde Gift Bonanza and the Berner-Garde Fundraiser with all of your Berner friends.


You can view all available items below, for quick reference. If you click on a photo it will open as a larger pop-up. The items are also presented in groups, Tier 1, Tier 2, Batch 1, Batch 2, etc. via the buttons at the top of this page and below. Some of the donors have provided websites or email addresses, which are available on the Batch pages. Also, if there is more than one available of an item, there will be multiple winners drawn for those items.
(Pictures May NOT be to scale. Click to see full picture)

Click on a TIER or Batch "Bone" below to see the gifts, their number and descriptions
Tier 1 Tier 2
Batch 1
Batch 2
Batch 3
Batch 4
Batch 5
Batch 6
Batch 7
Batch 8


Tier One A





Tier 2 A
Tier 2 B


Batch 1

Gift 1
Gift 2
Gift 3
Gift 4
Gift 5
Gift 6
Gift 7
Gift 8
Gift 9
Gift 10
Gift 11
Gift 12
Gift 13
Gift 14

Batch 2

Gift 15
Gift 16
Gift 17
Gift 18
Gift 19
Gift 20
Gift 21
Gift 22
Gift 23
Gift 24
Gift 25
Gift 26
Gift 27
Gift 28

Batch 3

Gift 29
Gift 30
Gift 31
Gift 32
Gift 33
Gift 34
Gift 35
Gift 36
Gift 37
Gift 38
Gift 39
Gift 40
Gift 41
Gift 42

Batch 4

Gift 43
Gift 44
Gift 45
Gift 46
Gift 47
Gift 48
Gift 49
Gift 50
Gift 51
Gift 52
Gift 53 width=
Gift 54
Gift 55
Gift 56

Batch 5

Gift 57
Gift 58
Gift 59
Gift 60
Gift 61
Gift 62
Gift 63
Gift 64
Gift 65
Gift 66
Gift 67
Gift 68
Gift 69
Gift 70

Batch 6

Gift 71
Gift 72
Gift 73
Gift 74
Gift 75
Gift 76
Gift 77
Gift 78
Gift 79
Gift 80
Gift 81
Gift 82
Gift 83
Gift 84

Batch 7

Gift 85
Gift 86
Gift 87
Gift 88
Gift 89
Gift 90
Gift 91
Gift 92
Gift 93
Gift 94
Gift 95
Gift 96
Gift 97

Click on a TIER or Batch "Bone" below to see the gifts, their number and descriptions

Tier 1

Tier 2

Batch 1
Batch 2
Batch 3
Batch 4
Batch 5
Batch 6
Batch 7
Batch 8