New Logo
The Berner-Garde Foundation (BGF) is ready and poised to have even greater impacts into the future. Our DNA Repository has gained the attention of and been used by canine health researchers both in this country and throughout the world. The combination of DNA samples AND pedigrees and health histories of those dogs is a huge benefit to researchers studying genetic diseases. The Repository costs Berner-Garde $50,000+ annually and while it is expensive, we feel we are making progress with the researchers studying Histiocytic Sarcoma! As of this writing eight peer reviewed research papers using Repository samples have been published.

To celebrate 25 years BGF launched a new logo, a new website, and major enhancements to the database in 2020.

We are grateful and blessed that the fancy has supported us over the past 25 years with their information, with DNA samples from their beloved dogs, with their time, with financial contributions, and their support of our shared mission, which is to improve the health and longevity of Bernese Mountain Dogs. There is no way to thank the countless volunteers who have helped to make BGF a reality in its day to day operations. We are excited by what we have accomplished together and thrilled to look ahead to the future—and what the next 25 years will bring! 

For the love of a Berner, 

The Board of Berner-Garde Foundation