Bernese Mountain Dog National Specialty

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March 31 - April 6, 2024
St. Louis, MO

Pending AKC Approval

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The 2024 National Specialty is being held in St. Louis, Missouri on March 31-April 6, 2024!
The BMDCA website is being completely rebuilt, so we are not able to share many details or links just yet. In the meantime, see the following:

*Tentative Schedule � subject to change and approval*
PF: Purina Farms
HI: Holiday Inn
WW: Wildwood Hotel
Sunday March 31, 2024
BMDCA Board Meeting- TBD
Herding- Herding and Trial Field (PF)
Tracking- Go to Ground fields (PF)
Monday April 1, 2024
Draft Test #1- Working dog field (PF)
Agility- Main Hall (PF)
Farm Dog- Herding and Trial Fields (PF)
Berner U- Service Center (PF)
Grooming set up and opening- Gateway Hall (PF)
Breeder Symposium- Founders Room (PF)
Great Hall set up day (PF)
Vendor move-in for Great Hall (PF)
Registration (PF)
Tuesday April 2, 2024
Puppy Sweeps- Great Hall (PF)
Draft Test # 2- Working Dog Field (PF)
Berner U -Founders Room (PF)
Scentwork- Service Center (PF)
Welcome Reception (evening)- Founders Room (PF)
Registration (PF)
Wednesday April 3, 2024
International Reception Breakfast- TBD
Futurity- Great Hall (PF)
Obedience- Great Hall (PF)
Versatility- Great Hall (PF)
Veterans Sweeps- Great Hall (PF)
Health Auction- Ballroom (HI)
Health Clinics- Service Center (PF)
Registration (PF)
Thursday April 4, 2024
Beginner Puppy- Great Hall (PF)
Regular & Non-Regular Veteran Dog Classes- Great Hall (PF)
Rally- Great Hall (PF)
Draft test #3- Working Dog Field (PF)
Top Twenty Pre-Judging
Veterans Parade -Great Hall (PF)
Health Clinics- Service Center (PF)
Top Twenty (evening)- Great Hall (PF)
Registration (PF)
Friday April 5, 2024
Regular & Non-Regular Veteran Bitch Classes- Great Hall (PF)
Pee Wee Class (Lunch Break)
Draft Test # 4 -Working Dog Field (PF)
BMDCA Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet (evening)- Founders Room (PF)
Registration (PF)
Saturday April 6, 2024
Junior Showmanship- Great Hall (PF)
Best of Breed- Great Hall (PF)
Judges Dinner-(evening) (HI)